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Steadfast in our service to the
British Community since 1992...
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We appreciate your patronage of our store: it truly helps to keep our British Corner Store in business - and we love it when you visit us! So if you love everything British,  or are just plain homesick, head over  to historic downtown Grapevine and 'meet a Brit' - it's our 'happy place' here in the heart of the DFW Metroplex!

Exciting New Products are Here! 

It's official - our new range of HANDMADE PIE CO'S FINEST QUALITY FROZEN FOODS ARE DELICIOUS, and give you the taste of home that you love and miss. Try their rich, savory Pork Pies; outstanding Pasties, Meat Pies, and Shepherd's Pies; and ready-to-bake Sausage Rolls.

The "blokes" loved the 3-minute Steak & Ale Pie for supper last week - along with the appetizing aromas in the kitchen. There's even a Chicken Curry Pie if you like it spicy! All are made with top-notch meat, and all are inspected and certified for your safety and enjoyment. 

More New Items & Back in Stock!

  • Pie Society Pasties
  • Steak & Ale Pies
  • Everyone's favourite 4&20 Sausage Rolls
  • Guinness Pasties
  • Bachelors Cup-A-Soup - very tasty with a sandwich, keep a box on hand for a quick lunch!
  • Heinz Snap Pot Beans
  • Milk Bottle gummy candy
  • Fentiman's Botanically Brewed Soda, Irn Bru, and R. White's Lemonade - try an ice cold British soda this summer! 
  • Mr Kipling Viennese Whirls
  • Cadbury Fingers & Chocolate Covered Biscuits
  • Builder's Tea
  • Malt Loaf
  • Hula Hoops Variety Pack

How Brits keep their cool in the hot Texas summer!

We stay hydrated by mixing up a jug of Lemon or Orange Barley Water to have at hand in the fridge. Or use our R. White's Lemonade to make a thirst-quenching Shandy or Pimm's! Elderflower cordial mixes beautifully with Club Soda to make a deliciously fragrant non-alcoholic soda.

Serve a Ploughman's Lunch or Supper - easily put together with our Pork Pies, Ploughman's Pickle, and imported Cheeses & Butter. Just add crusty bread & a salad garnish (and perhaps your favourite beer!)

Our new varieties of Twinings fruity teabags are specially formulated for iced tea. Simply add one to a glass of cold water and voila -- instant cooling tea!

And if that's not your cuppa, choose from a variety of special blends to brew up your fave hot tea. Invite your friends for a summer-themed tea complete with cucumber sandwiches; strawberries; scones & clotted cream & Scottish shortbread.  It's a winning combination!

A Very British Barbie!

Get your grill on! Come and get your Barbecue essentials here. We have a wonderful selection of British Bangers (that's sausages, you Texans) and all your fave condiments: Colman's Mustard - hot & zesty! Wholegrain Mustard; HP Brown Sauce; Daddies Sauce & a wealth of pickles & pickled onions! Add an assortment of different flavors of your fave Walkers Crisps and Bob's your uncle!

Let's not forget about dessert! LAYERED "PUDDINGS" ARE TRENDY - Bird's Trifle Mix makes a lovely, chilled & refreshing layered dessert. Easy when you know how...and don't forget to add the Sherry!

Exclusive British Baked Goods

Our British Baker, Selina, offers freshly-baked Scones & Eccles cakes arrive every weekend. She's also at hand to help you with your special requirements like baking special cakes to order, just like the ones back 'home'!

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Doing an Airport run? We're just minutes away from DFW International Airport, and here seven days a week so you'll always have access to your fave British groceries.

Love from
all your Brit-pals
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