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Happy New Year 2020! Yes, 2019 was a wonderful year....
we've decided that for our New Years resolution we're going to make
this year
just as fabulous if not better! 

Burns Night is This Saturday January 25th

In celebration of Scotland's Famous Bard - This Saturday the first 50 customers with a purchase over $10 will receive a complementary goody bag!

How Scottish are you?
Discover the taste of Scotland at our store -

  • Scotland's national soda: IRN BRU! 
  • Walker's Shortbread
  • House of Edinburgh Tea, Coffee & Shortbread
  • Brodie's Tea
  • Haggis - canned and frozen
  • Honey; Marmalade; Buchanan's Fudge;
  • Scottish themed Mugs and Flags

Valentine's Day is Friday February 14th

Love Tea? We have a wide variety of teas, shortbread, biscuits and all you need for your tea parties; romantic rendezvous and get-togethers! We also have new of greetings cards and lovely unique gifts for your sweetheart!

British Sweets For Your Sweetie

Can't seem to find that special gift for the one you love? Come and visit us, you can send them on a nostalgia trip down memory lane with our fine selection of imported confectionery, chocolate and treats.... like Quality Street - Made For Sharing; Jelly Babies; Liquorice Allsorts; Chocolate Liquors; and Thornton's Boxed Assortments.

Spotlight On Walker's Shortbread

In 1898, Joseph Walker established a bakery in Aberlour, Speyside - the heart of the Scottish Highlands, steeped in history and famed for its natural beauty. They produce the world's finest shortbread and oatcakes, enjoyed around the world. There's something for everyone and the decorative tins make great gifts. We're proud to have a finest assortment here at the Emporium - take some home for the family today! 

Going Gluten Free?

To eat, or not to eat, that is the question. For everyone trying to stay healthy with their New Year's resolutions, now you can have your cookies, and eat them too! We have a delectable variety of Walker's Gluten-free shortbread, a range of Tea Cakes, Oatcakes, Jaffa cakes, and Belgian chocolate. Other healthy treats include vegetarian haggis, cans of Heinz Soups; Broad Beans; Marrowfat Peas, and did you know that one serving of our Heinz Baked Beans is one of your Five-A-Day? 


Speaking of New Year's resolutions, have you finished your seasonal  Thank You notes yet?Everyone loves to receive a handwritten note in the mail! So say thank you in style for all those wonderful Christmas gifts you received - put pen to paper with our new selection of greetings cards & note cards, and express your gratitude the old-fashioned way.

Pick A British Pickle! 

​​Have some of our Branston Pickle, Picalilli, Ploughmans Pickle and Heinz Sandwich Spread on hand in your Pantry, and you'll always have the makings of a great sandwich, cheese or cold-cuts platter for lunch!Spread the love with some of our squeezable condiments on golden toasted crumpet - Marmite or Lyle's Golden Syrup - and how about some zingy Colman's Mustard on your British Bangers, and HP Sauce on your proper Bacon Sandwich? 

New Items and Back in Stock

  • Shreddies
  • Chocolate Weetabix
  • Crumpets
  • Trifle Mix
  • Pork Pies
  • Sausage Roll, Proper Bacon, & Meat Pies
  • Jigsaw Puzzles and Parlour Games for all the family

You'll Be In
Chocolate Heaven...

Elevate your Afternoon Tea with some of our new Cadbury biscuits!  We have Cadbury Roundies (A bit like a round KitKat! -Ed.), Cadbury Chocolicious cookies, Cadbury Caramel Biscuits, Cadbury Chocolate Fingers, Cadbury White Chocolate Fingers, Cadbury Cadbury Cadbury CADBURY!!!  Yes, we freely admit that we are chocaholics! 

(PS: Did we mention we carry Cadbury?)

More Tuck Shop Treats

Feeling homesick for some of your beloved childhood confectionery? Rediscover that little piece of home with all of the candy classics like Kola Kubes; Rhubarb & Custard; Humbugs; Malteasers; Caramac; Milky Bar; Munchies; Jelly Tots; Wine Gums; Fry's Turkish Delight and Terry's Chocolate Orange. Flying Saucers; Pontefract Cakes; Toffee Bon Bons? We have all the favourite sweets from your childhood in our aisles of delicious confectionery. Come and treat yourselves!  

Farewell Sir Bedevere, Cardinal Biggles, Mandy Cohen
and our fave Hell's Granny. 

The world lost a great comic mind with the passing of Monty Python's Terry Jones this week. We can't help but feeling sad... but then we remember his comic characters, brilliant writing and performances ("He's not the Messiah! He's a very naughty boy!") and we smile again. We were so happy to learn about his laugh-out-moment when he heard about our Monty Python charitable events in Grapevine over the years. Thanks for all the laughter and for always looking on the bright side of life, Terry.

Come visit us Soon!

We hope you'll visit this weekend, but we're happy to see you anytime! Bring a friend and show them the stuff you grew up with -- the Best of British Food, Drink & Gifts since 1992. Doing an 'airport run'? We're just a few minutes away from DFW International Airport and conveniently located between Dallas and Fort Worth. Thank you for your continued support - we really appreciate your business!

Love from
all your Britpals
at The British Emporium