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Happy Mother's Day to all Mums
from all of us at The British Emporium!

Mother's Day is this Sunday May 10th - Don't Forget Mum!

We have a splendid selection of gift ideas for the special lady in your life...

  • Teapots... Dunoon Bone China Mugs Proudly Made In England...Tea...Tea Paraphernalia...Tea Wallets (Take Your Fave Teas With You!)... Jigsaw Puzzles...Books...Games...Toiletries

Celebrate Mother's Day at home -
Here's some ideas Mum will love!

  • Breakfast In Bed
  • A Picnic Lunch In The Garden
  • Traditional Sunday Lunch
  • Afternoon Tea
  • Sunday Supper
  • Mix Her Favourite Tipple

The Well Stocked British Pantry, from Sheela

Now more than ever, it's important to stock up on all those British essentials that form the basis of good British comfort food and help you make rich, full-flavoured meals the whole family will enjoy.

What's in your pantry? It's the heart of the kitchen, and mine certainly reflects all the British cuisine I love and miss. Being an expat, my pantry is a great source of comfort to me when I open the door and see all those beloved British brands I grew up with. Not that it's a museum by any means - the carefully curated selections are the foundations of many delicious, nourishing and delightful meals. 

Here are some of my favourite must-have items to add fresh flavour to your recipes. Add a few of these items to your weekly shopping for a British twist to your meals and break-time snacks, and you'll find that they're building blocks to a new cuisine in these days of hearty home cooking. 

  • Bisto Gravy Powder And Granules
  • Jam
  • Marmalade
  • Castor Sugar, Sugar Cubes, Demerara Sugar;
  • Flour
  • Jelly
  • Tins; Rice Pudding; Heinz Beans; Soups;
  • Condiments: Worcestershire Sauce; Chilli Sauce; Nando's Sauce
  • Curry Paste; Powder; Spices; Chutney; Pickle
  • Pickles: Onions; Branston; Picalilli; Red Cabbage; Beetroot
  • Salad Cream; Malt Vinegar; Tartar Sauce; Horseradish; Colmans Mustard; Hendersons Relish
  • Casserole Mixes; Cook-In-Sauces
  • Crackers
  • Tea; Cocoa; Hot Chocolate; Horlicks; Ovaltine; Camp Coffee
  • Biscuits
  • Dessert Mixes; Custard Powder; Jelly; Steamed Sponges
  • Honey; Marmite; Spreads; Vegemite; Gentleman's Relish
  • Cordials; Ribena; Barley Water; Squashes;
  • Sodas;
  • Cereals; Oatmeal
  • Barley; Rice; Dried Peas; Lentils; Noodles
  • Chocolate: Bourneville for Cooking; Sweets; Chocolate Assortments for Movie Night

...and new items arrive every week!

A Milestone Moment Worth Honouring

It was exactly 75 years ago this Friday - May 8th, 1945 - that marked the end of World War Two in Europe. VE Day was justifiably greeted with celebrations in the streets as well as solemn ceremonies recalling the many young men who went off to fight the Axis and never came back. There aren't too many left from that Greatest Generation on either side of the Atlantic, but we are humbled by their accomplishments...and grateful we've never seen another conflict like it. Raise a glass to them!

Thinking of You!

We love our customers and hope to see you soon! Thank you for your kind wishes and your support of our small business, it truly helps us to keep going. Don't be homesick, we are here for you and are proud to serve our community. Stay well and stay safe!